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About Us

Kathy Anderson and Sharon Morley both live in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, and have been friends for many years. Kathy owns a business designing and manufacturing soft luggage products for BMW motorcycles, Kathy's Journey Designs in Floyd, VA. Sharon is an organic vegetable farmer and a Christmas tree grower, with a love for woodworking. In 2005, Sharon and her partner George put a yurt on their Christmas tree farm, 50 miles from their home. Originally intended as a place for shelter and warmth while working on the farm, it soon became a retreat for family and friends. They were drawn by the good feelings from the circular space and the simplicity of the structure.

Kathy and Sharon realized the potential for these pleasing, affordable shelters and the variety of ways they could be used. From this was born Blue Ridge Yurts. Sharon's woodworking skills have been combined with Kathy's sewing and manufacturing background to produce an East coast version of the West coast yurts, popular since the 1970's.

Sharon & Kathy