Album: Exteriors
Some exterior photos of our yurts.

Album: Interiors
Some interior photos of our yurts.

Album: Features
A few of the features available for our yurts.

Album: Assembly I
Sequential photos of a yurt assembly.

Album: Assembly II
Various photos of the assembly of our yurts.

Album: Assembly III
Another assemble sequence. Photos and captions by Melissa Baer Lummis.

Album: Lakeside Yurt
A beautiful yurt with multiple deck levels and a dock.

Album: Shaded Woods Yurt
Casual and comfy, this yurt is a chef's dream!

Album: Small 'n Spare Yurt
Goes to show you don't need to go big, or elaborate. Your yurt can be simple and low budget, or elaborate and expensive!

Album: FloydFest 11 2012 Yurts
Three awesome yurts available at a discount -- one 16 ft & two 20 ft, all insulated with tinted domes. Click on photos for pricing.

Album: FloydFest X 2011 Yurts
Some pictures of our 20' and 16' yurts that are at FloydFest this summer. These yurts will be for sale after the festival for a reduced price. ALL SOLD...THANK YOU!!!

Album: Happy Yurt Customers
Real people buying real yurts!

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