Standard Features

All yurts crafted by Blue Ridge Yurts come standard with the following features.

Lattice Wall
Expandable lattice wall. Made with kiln-dried poplar. 7' or 10' tall walls, depending on model.
Spruce 2x4's (16' and 20' yurts) or 2x6's (24' and 30' yurts).
2x4 vertical supports under every other rafter are standard on all yurt sizes over 16'.
All framework is finished with two coats of Land Ark™ natural citrus oil.
Compression Ring
Attractive, basket-weave style constructed of either 4" or 6" thick laminated poplar or pine. (Two layer ring for smaller yurts and three layer ring for larger yurts.) See Image
Tension Cable
1/4" galvanized steel tension cable.
Standard windows are 40"H X 46"W and/or vertical 24"W x 48"H. Windows for yurts with 10’ walls are 50"H X 46"W. Windows have a sewn in screen, a removable clear 30 mil vinyl window panel, and a storm flap that can double as an awning. The storm flap is zippered down the sides and has a Velcro bottom closure. Our 16', 20', & 24' yurts come with 3 windows.  Our 30' yurts come with 4 windows.
Rain Diverter
Standard over each door to prevent rain from dripping into the doorway.
Door & Frame
36" x 80" steel door, 1/2 lite. Maintenance free, lever handle. We also offer a paint option to match the roof.
Acrylic Dome
1/4" clear or tinted acrylic dome. Opener is included to allow ventilation. Tinted dome blocks 60% of UV rays and we recommend them.
Roof Cover
The roof cover is Vanguard™, an extra heavy duty vinyl laminated polyester that provides excellent durability and low maintenance. All seams are heat-welded instead of machine-sewn to prevent leakage. Choice of colors. A heavier roof is available as an option.
Standard Walls
The upper wall panel is Starfire™, a polyester/cotton blend with an acrylic coating that provides excellent strength and low maintenance. 

The lower wall panel is Patio 500™, a heavy duty vinyl laminated polyester that provides exceptional durability and low maintenance.

Both come in a wide selection of colors.
Glass Windows
Custom-sized frames for glass windows can be substituted for the standard vinyl windows. You provide your own new or recycled windows. This eliminates the need to open and close vinyl windows from the outside.


Why should you choose a yurt from Blue Ridge Yurts?

If you live in the Eastern U.S. the answer is obvious! Floyd, Virginia is centrally located for pick-ups and deliveries to the entire Atlantic region. Buying local is a conscientious choice.

Compare our standard features to other companies:
  • Standard wall height is now 7'4".
  • Standard size doors. You can provide your own unique door as a savings option or design choice.
  • A stainless steel dome opener with telescoping handle is included - NOT an option.
  • Three windows are included with every basic yurt (Size 16', 20', & 24').
  • Four windows are included with our 30' yurts.
  • Our walls are put together using stainless steel screws and T-nuts - no rivets.
  • A support package, containing milled 2x4's and attachment hardware comes standard with all but the 16' yurts, making shelving and electrical wiring easier and adding stability.
  • We provide beautiful, locally harvested and milled poplar walls.
  • A unique engineered platform design is provided.
  • The thin plywood band that surrounds your platform and contains the walls is included in our kit.
  • Rain diverters included for every door.
We provide all of the features above at no additional cost!