Yurt Platform Plans


Having a solid platform to place your yurt on is a key consideration for anyone who’s planning on erecting a yurt. Blue Ridge Yurts uses an innovative platform design that allows the fabric walls of the yurt to wrap underneath the platform, where they are held in place and under tension using an aircraft cable. This simple design innovation does several things:  it helps the yurt shed rainwater and snow, it helps anchor both the fabric walls and roof to the platform, and it prevents pests and wildlife from easily being able to enter the yurt from underneath the platform.

We’ve made the decision to offer our engineered platform plans available for download, free of charge, in the interest of promoting the advancement of yurt technologies in the public sphere. Whether you’re buying a yurt from us or building your own, you can now rest easy knowing your investment has a solid foundation.

For those purchasing yurts from us, we do have detailed architectural drawings of all of yurts along with an engineering firm who can provide engineering stamps for any state in the U.S. to assist you with meeting the codes of your local building inspector. For more information, please contact us using our contact form. Depending on your needs, the engineering firm may charge a small fee for the work they perform.

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